Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dojo Wins BPL Final

Those brilliantly clever Germans at Porsche know they're onto a good thing. They've known it since it came off the drawing board of the late, great Ferdinand "Butzi" Porsche in 1963 and they've been living the dream ever since. 

And what is this good thing that they're onto? Well, it's the 911, of course. Not only is it the greatest sports car ever made (and everything Clarkson says against it just reinforces this fact), it is also the most enduring, least modified motor vehicle design of all time! Thanks to Butzi and co., the design department at Porsche AG has been able to put its feet up for almost 50 years, doing nothing other than tweaking the odd headlight detail or adding some cupholders as an excuse to launch a "new" model.

(NB we will also accept the converse theory that when the Porsche design department actually does attempt to create something new, like the monstrous Cayenne 4WD or ghastly Panamera they tend to get things horribly wrong, but that's getting too far off-topic...).

Anyway, how does this have anything at all to do with frisbee blogging? Well obviously everyone knows that we here at the Dojo are big Porsche fans. But despite that it's taken us 105 blog posts to realise how applicable the Porsche philosophy is to the humble act of writing about the exploits of Brisbane's current Premier Ultimate Frisbee team (sorry Bugs - it's well past time to change your tagline :-)). So from now on we're running with every post being called "Dojo Wins BPL Final", which for the statistically inclined, and assuming that we only use this title when it reflects actual events, means that on current form you can expect a new post at the end of 3 out of every 4 seasons...

So here we are - Dojo wins BPL Final! Yay us. We won't bore you with any tedious, blow-by-blow descriptions of the game. Suffice to say it was a properly competitive encounter between the two form teams of the season, starting out with a bunch of nervous turnovers from both teams, followed by some outrageous hail-mary hucks from Al Don to Gref (or basically anyone in the vicinity of the Dojo endzone). But from 4-1 down the Dojo turned on the mistake-free offence and committed defence to score 14 of the next 17 points and walk away with the Dog Cup. Which is now covered in rust thanks to it having spent a season by the beach...

Highlights included a massive layout from Al Don to hold onto a huck from Gref and score Slamtown's last goal of the night, MVP Dan Walls owning the air all over the park (with a bit of help from Pete Allen...), and Leon McIntyre failing to hold onto a block in the endzone which would have given him the title as the first player ever to score the winning BPL grand final goal with a Callahan. Oh well.

Hang on - we nearly forgot THE highlight of the night, which was a thank-god-it's-on-video layout score from our very own Adam Baker, also known as the BPL League Director. Awesome effort all round Adz. And BTW thanks for the sensational Mountain Designs jacket "Winning Captain" prize. Love it.

Yep with sweet prizes and seamless management, the BPL just keeps getting better and better. Hopefully it'll also keep getting bigger and bigger - if you're out there somewhere reading this (still!) and thinking of giving BPL a go then don't think about it any longer - get on down for the all-comers winter league (check out the Brisbane Premier League blog for more info) and try it out for yourself.

Now - how long will we have to wait to see the full video coverage appear at Gold Coast Ultimate???


  1. Right you are Dojo Blog.

    The Buggers tag line has been modified.

    Well done on the Championship.

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