Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dojo Wins BPL Final

Those brilliantly clever Germans at Porsche know they're onto a good thing. They've known it since it came off the drawing board of the late, great Ferdinand "Butzi" Porsche in 1963 and they've been living the dream ever since. 

And what is this good thing that they're onto? Well, it's the 911, of course. Not only is it the greatest sports car ever made (and everything Clarkson says against it just reinforces this fact), it is also the most enduring, least modified motor vehicle design of all time! Thanks to Butzi and co., the design department at Porsche AG has been able to put its feet up for almost 50 years, doing nothing other than tweaking the odd headlight detail or adding some cupholders as an excuse to launch a "new" model.

(NB we will also accept the converse theory that when the Porsche design department actually does attempt to create something new, like the monstrous Cayenne 4WD or ghastly Panamera they tend to get things horribly wrong, but that's getting too far off-topic...).

Anyway, how does this have anything at all to do with frisbee blogging? Well obviously everyone knows that we here at the Dojo are big Porsche fans. But despite that it's taken us 105 blog posts to realise how applicable the Porsche philosophy is to the humble act of writing about the exploits of Brisbane's current Premier Ultimate Frisbee team (sorry Bugs - it's well past time to change your tagline :-)). So from now on we're running with every post being called "Dojo Wins BPL Final", which for the statistically inclined, and assuming that we only use this title when it reflects actual events, means that on current form you can expect a new post at the end of 3 out of every 4 seasons...

So here we are - Dojo wins BPL Final! Yay us. We won't bore you with any tedious, blow-by-blow descriptions of the game. Suffice to say it was a properly competitive encounter between the two form teams of the season, starting out with a bunch of nervous turnovers from both teams, followed by some outrageous hail-mary hucks from Al Don to Gref (or basically anyone in the vicinity of the Dojo endzone). But from 4-1 down the Dojo turned on the mistake-free offence and committed defence to score 14 of the next 17 points and walk away with the Dog Cup. Which is now covered in rust thanks to it having spent a season by the beach...

Highlights included a massive layout from Al Don to hold onto a huck from Gref and score Slamtown's last goal of the night, MVP Dan Walls owning the air all over the park (with a bit of help from Pete Allen...), and Leon McIntyre failing to hold onto a block in the endzone which would have given him the title as the first player ever to score the winning BPL grand final goal with a Callahan. Oh well.

Hang on - we nearly forgot THE highlight of the night, which was a thank-god-it's-on-video layout score from our very own Adam Baker, also known as the BPL League Director. Awesome effort all round Adz. And BTW thanks for the sensational Mountain Designs jacket "Winning Captain" prize. Love it.

Yep with sweet prizes and seamless management, the BPL just keeps getting better and better. Hopefully it'll also keep getting bigger and bigger - if you're out there somewhere reading this (still!) and thinking of giving BPL a go then don't think about it any longer - get on down for the all-comers winter league (check out the Brisbane Premier League blog for more info) and try it out for yourself.

Now - how long will we have to wait to see the full video coverage appear at Gold Coast Ultimate???

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dojo wins BPL Final

Of all the big issues surrounding BPL ultimate over the past 6 months or so, the biggest of them all has been the constant question: why has the DojoMojo blog been silent for so long? The speculation and rumours have ranged from the scandalous to the downright outrageous, with some even going so far as to suggest that this blogger's prolonged absence may have been due to a broken "w" key, due to excessive W+M1 misadventures... Utter libel - just look at the veritable avalanche of w's already used in this post!

But now, at last, and using a spare keyboard plugged in for whenever we need to use a "w" (which is surprisingly often - we've used 6 already in just this sentence alone!), we can at last give you the true reason for the 6 months' worth of static that have filled the screen of Dojo TV. In an ambitious screen production rivalling the supreme efforts of the great Jack Horner, we have stopped at nothing and spared no expense to produce a moving, narrative-laden documentary film covering the titanic clash between the heavily-favoured (and sadly now-defunct) UQ Lovers and the walking-wounded underdog DojoMojo in the BPL season 2 2010 grand final.

So here it is, the official, Dave Watson-directed, Palme d'Or winning film ("short obscure-sports drama" category) that so many avid BPL fans have been waiting so long to see:

There you go. Could history repeat this Thursday night? Can the rank outsider Dojo team, further hampered by an ominous Minor Premiership, pull off a grandstand win against the unbackable favourites and perennial Power Rankings supremos, the Slamtown Flatball Club? Only one thing is certain - you'll have to wait a long time to see the video...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Be the Club...

What do you get when you combine late-night highlights of the Ryder Cup with a nice dram of Macallan? The first post on the Dojo blog in a long time - that's what.

Oh man - so much to write about, so many distractions. Let's take it from the top. DojoMojo has qualified for yet another BPL grand final this season with a gritty 3-point win over Cobras. And that's where the latest round of controversy starts!

Controversy #1 - Reece

We (ie I) let Reece play. Well you know it just wouldn't have felt right getting into the grand final against a 6-man team (and it certainly wouldn't have felt great should we have happened to lose to one!). This despite the fact that our man Chris Cunliffe accepted Stu's ruling and didn't attempt to get on the field. In fact he didn't even attempt to get TO the field, but that's another matter altogether...

Nonetheless we feel sure that had Chris turned up then Liam would have happily allowed him to play in exchange for bringing the Cobras roster up to 7 with Reece.

Okay to be honest we were having some serious second thoughts about the wisdom of our chivalrous conduct about 5 points in, when the Cobras were starting to build a small lead courtesy of some vintage Stewart play, but at the end of the day it does feel good to have won a proper game...

Controversy #2 - Ultimate Fighting or Ultimate Disc?

Sure, the Cobras captain has a bit of a dodgy reputation when it comes to foul calls, and he does like giving receivers a bit of a touch up (putting it mildly?) after making a bid on a long disc. But none of that justified our man Ryan pushing Liam to the ground twice after some borderline post-catch contact. Yes, tempers had been building for a while (especially courtesty of an utterly bogus "out" call by Liam a few points earlier), but any kind of physical retaliation is completely unacceptable in Ultimate. A Spirit timeout was called and Ryan made a full apology to an accepting Liam, but in the interests of setting a suitably harsh benchmark DojoMojo has officially suspended Mr Black until next season, ruling him out for this week's Grand Final match against UQ. Ouch.

So we've got no Ryan, no Cunliffe, left-handed Leon only has his right hand, Eastburn has been injured all season and Dan Walls decided that the second half of 2010 would be a good time to take a sabbatical. If we can win the big game from here it'll be a miracle.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Things Chimay Will Make You Say

You know something we've realised lately? Reading descriptions of frisbee games really isn't very interesting. In fact, unless you were there and/or you get a mention in the article itself then you'd have to wonder if the few minutes that you might spend reading a game review wouldn't really be better invested in, oh, let's see - making some homemade hollandaise sauce, planning your trip to a farmers' market on the weekend, or just taking out the rubbish.

So this week we're saying nothing about the game against MBB last Thursday night, other than the obvious facts that it happened and Dojo lost.

Okay, we might say that the expected Burwell-to-Neild combo didn't bore us to tears as we'd been afraid it would. In fact early on it was more the Burwell-to-Chadwick connection that was taking some kenshi by surprise (ie whoa Buzz has the disc and some tallish guy is running long WTF!). We might also add that the game was 8-3 at half and finished 15-10, meaning the Dojo at least managed to trade the second half despite some pretty wacky options going to ground in the face of a virtually mistake-free Bug performance.

But that's enough of the tedious details of what was just another brick in the BPL Season 2 2010 wall. What we know from the Google stats (and stats, as we heard today, will confess to anything if you torture them for long enough) is that the readers of this blog care little for quality reportage and in-depth match analysis. Juicy BPL scandal is the key here, and thankfully when there's a controversy on the boil in BPL the Dojo is nearly always involved.

Onto the subject of Chris Cunliffe then. Chris, as many will know, is a bit of a gun frisbee player. Turns out that he's been injured for a while (2 years since his last BPL appearance, apparently), and that he's just managed to get himself fit enough to go for a run on Thursday nights. The thing is though - Chris had signed to play Cobras for the remainder of the season (he's young and is entitled to make mistakes), and he needed to play every remaining BPL round in order to be eligible to play in the finals (for reasons we're not about to elaborate upon here). Sadly for the Cobras, their opposition, those mankini-wearing Slamtowners, couldn't get 7 guys to make the trip from the GC and forfeited the game, leaving Chris in an awkward jam. Oh baby - you know where this is going, don't you...

So of course it's Dojo v Bugs. Which means the team some (hi Mike) consider to be the "villains" of the BPL and always shortest of numbers on the night, was up against the team that also happens to be home to our esteemed LD, who couldn't agree more wholeheartedly with Mike vis-a-vis the Dojo's villain status... Anyway, short story is that Chris has now taken up permanent residence at the Dojo, much to the detriment of the Cobras and much to the annoyance of an LD who has long since tired of these sorts of eligibility quandaries (not to mention Dojo opportunism). But don't get too upset just yet Wetnose - Chris is still a shadow of his former self and probably won't be back to his full vertical leap or maximum speed until the semifinals get underway...

Too much? Let us know in the comments if you'd like more of this sort of Courier-Mail gossip column stuff, or if a return to the strictly sporting style of the majority of our first hundred-and-one posts was more to your liking. Or maybe just videos without any words at all...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Black Light

Were Dojo wearing black against SFC last week? Maybe, but that's the one thing we forgot to ask Pete Allen when we inquired to see if he wouldn't mind putting together a match report for Dojo's round 5 BPL matchup against the team that some have affectionately taken to calling "Salami Town"...

Thankfully, Pete was able to find some time in his busy schedule (does anyone know what Pete does other than being awesome at frisbee?), and here's his description of how the game went down:

"Thursday's match began in the usual Dojo way with no one knowing who was and wasn’t showing up, and with a last minute phone call from Stephen letting us know he wasn’t coming after he had arrived home and whilst preparing to leave for the game turned the key in his lovely Porsche, only for nothing to happen…I guess that’s what you get with quality Porsche engineering.

With the arrival of our 8 players and a slow and succinct warm up in stark contrast to the drilled and high intensity warm up down the other end we took the field not sure how this would go. Our opponents had turned out in force and had been doing well this season but how would they go without the Mayor. It appeared as we lined up to receive the pull that we would be facing a 2-3-2 (the light breeze did carry that much info to at least my ears) and then it was on.

Dojo worked the disc around frantically with some extremely fast popping and swinging to work the disc up to the other endzone…and then threw it away. SFC then threw a couple of short passes followed by the usual huck, which didn’t complete, and then Dojo repeated their last effort, and threw it away again…and eventually after quite a long first point conceded. This was pretty much the way the first half went, with Jody throwing his dangerous flick for a few points and pretty spectacular layout D’s (pretty much all from SFC), and it was looking tight after Dojo fought back from 6-4 down to take half 8-6.

The second half saw this rather nice little run of points to the Dojo continue to make it a 7 point run, with pretty much 100% offence after some lucky turnovers from Slamtown who had a little bit of a drop fest for a few points allowing Dojo to get out to 11-6. We like to think it was our intense defense…

Around about now we slackened off a bit to allow a few quick points in and start the hearts beating again (Pete starting to feel the power of the dark side of reportage here...). Luckily with time running out, Coops was on the ball and alerted us to the fact that it was after 9pm and after another Slamtown point time was called, with the last point to start with the scores at 11-9 to Dojo. The last point saw Dojo click back in on offence and sink the last pass with a rather unspectacular pass from and almost complete silence with the receiver standing dead still. Quite a quiet end to what was one of the most fun games of BPL I’ve ever enjoyed and the spirit between the two teams was the best I’ve seen in a long long time - thanks SFC."

Ladies and Gentlemen - Pete Allen. There is no substitute.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

One Hundred Not Out

On June 12th 2008 the DojoMojo blog took its first tentative step into the Ultimate blogosphere. In that first post we described ourselves as "the oldest, most gloriously history-laden and also most spectacularly well-merchandised team around", and nothing much has changed. Except for the fact that, including this one, 100 posts have taken up their own tiny chunks of server space somewhere out there in the great Google cloud...

Over the past 26 months we've interviewed the biggest names in the BPL, had our team shirt voted one of the best in the world (thanks everyone), written plenty of controversial stuff (none of which we regret in any way), and of course provided video coverage of a multitude of BPL games and two Grand Finals (the ones we weren't playing in) absolutely free of charge.

For those with a statistical bent, or even just the slightest degree of curiosity, or perhaps just wanting to dodge work for a few minutes, here's a few interesting DojoMojo Blog facts:

6,849 unique visitors
29.96% new visits

#1 most viewed post: Sorry Mum (251 visits)
#2 most viewed post: Smells Like Bad Spirit (153 visits)
#3 most viewed post: Worst Huck Ever (147 visits)

Seems nothing rates quite as high as a good old Spirit controversy, eh?!

Visitors have viewed the blog from 43 different countries (including the odd visit from interesting-sounding places like Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania and Laos, among many others).

Top Ten Visiting Nations:

#1 Australia - 6,031 visitors
#2 USA - 341 visitors
#3 Canada - 133 visitors
#4 UK - 59 visitors
#5 Germany - 26 visitors
#6 Hong Kong - 20 visitors
#7 Ireland - 13 visitors
#8 New Zealand - 12 visitors
#9 Brazil - 12 visitors
#10 Japan - 10 visitors

Sure, we're not likely to be targeted by News Ltd for a hostile takeover anytime soon, but it's good to know that people around the world are getting to read - and watch! - the way Ultimate is played here in Brisbane. Hope you're liking what you see.

Pete Allen Goes Above & Beyond

It's official, and deserving of a blog post all to itself:

Pete Allen is the winner of DojoMojo's Above&Beyond competition for Season 1 2010. Well done and well deserved, Pete. Your fantastic prize is in the post (oh so unreliable these days...) and your name has been added to the glittering list of Dojo legends on the Above&Beyond Honour Board....